The Business Builders Show with Marty Wolff is for entrepreneurs, small business owners and professionals who seek excellence. We work hard to deliver content that informs, educates and inspires this special audience.

The show is a series of interviews with best-selling authors, nationally and internationally acclaimed professional speakers, CEOs of major firms and thought leaders on business topics such as business, sales & marketing, technology, innovation, leadership, team building, social media and finance. If a guest has written a book, article, blog or anything related to the topic they will address on the show, Marty will have read and prepared questions for the guest based on the information they have presented. Often guests have already been on major network shows like FOX News, and published in major publications like the Huffington Post, NY Times, Inc Magazine, Success Magazine and Entrepreneur Magazine.


Investor Nisa Amoils Talks About Facebook’s Libra

Have you been hearing about Facebook’s latest venture into the world of cryptocurrency? Senate and House hearings have been going on, and the President and the Federal Reserve Chairman are not supporting this latest venture from Facebook. Help in understanding what’s going on comes from my Business Builders Show guest Nisa Amoils. Nisa is a ventureRead more…


Forging an Ironclad Brand: Part 2

Since this is Part 2, there must be a Part 1 and I strongly recommend you listen to Part 1 before moving on to Part 2. Here’s the link: If you are serious about forging your own Ironclad Brand, then of course I suggest you listen to both interviews, buy Lindsays’s book and thenRead more…


Remixing the Workplace with Lindsey Pollak

Three generations walk onto a podcast – no joke! In this episode of the Business Builders Show we welcome multigenerational workplace expert and New York Times best-selling author, Lindsey Pollak to the show. For the first time in history, the workplace is comprised of five generations (from traditionalists to Gen Z). Teamwork, not to mentionRead more…


Shawn Askinosie: The Oprah Magazine says, “One of the 15 Guys Who Are Saving the World”

This interview with Shawn Askinosie could be broken down into three or four segments. You need to listen to this discussion when you can listen very attentively. Discussion is around his personal journey, his book, Meaningful Work: A Quest To Do Great Business, Find Your Calling, and Feed Your Soul, and his Tedx Talk, which you can watchRead more…


WTF! Investor Nisa Amoils On Women Tech Founders in Frontier Technology

For the past decade Nisa Amoils has been investing in frontier technologies. What the heck is that? Frontier technology is the cutting edge, emerging disruptive innovation that is transforming our lives (i.e. blockchain, crypto currency, AI, virtual reality, drones). Nisa is the author of the best selling book “WTF Is Happening? Women Tech Founders OnRead more…


Broke Millennial Takes on the Business Builders Show

Erin Lowry aka Broke Millennial didn’t set out to be a personal financial author but somewhere after graduating with a liberal arts degree plus hustling three jobs in New York City at age 23 (and pulling in a whopping $23,000 a year) she positioned herself to pursue more entrepreneurial ventures. In this Business Builders ShowRead more…


Eggland’s Best CEO, Charlie Lanktree

Mr. Charles Lanktree serves as the CEO and President at Eggland’s Best, Inc.  I wanted to know how Eggland’s Best became the brand it is today. And, I also wanted to learn from him how we can apply the lessons he learned to our small and midsize businesses. You can reach Charlie at You can learnRead more…


Brand Strategist Lindsay Pedersen

“This brand-strategy-as-North Star was my most essential tool for growing a thriving business.” More on thoughts like this and many other insights from my interview with Lindsay Pedersen, author of  Forging an Iron Clad Brand: A Leaders’s Guide.  First question I asked was “Why is this a LEADERS guide?”   Lindsay is a brand strategist and leadershipRead more…


Bob Courtright and Marty Wolff on Career Talk

Bob Courtright, President of Courtright & Associates, Inc., and Marty Wolff, Executive Coach and Host of “Business Builders Show”, join Dawn Graham on Career Talk.


Is There a Direct Link Between A Company’s Culture and Performance?

Is there a direct link between a company’s culture and its performance? Our Business Builders Show guest John Waid KNOWS there is and he gives us several examples as evidence. We also talked about john’s book Reinventing Ralph: A Little Story for Salespeople About Culture-Driven Selling and WHY John feels it is important to bring humanity back to companies.Read more…

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