A Company Based on Pockets?

The first question I asked Scott Jordan, the CEO & Co-Founder of www.scottevest.com is “how the hell did you start and grow a company based on pockets?” His answer and his journey will fascinate you. This is a no BS discussion of innovation, inspiration and perspiration.
The Business Builders Show and www.c-suiteradio.com is proud to present Scott Jordan.
www.scottevest.com has revolutionized the clothing industry with a simple idea: people need more (and “smarter”) pockets! Anyone with a mobile lifestyle, from professionals on the go, technophiles, outdoor adventurers to just all-around busy people, can use Scottevest clothing to free up the clutter in their lives. My colleague Jeffrey Hayzlett from www.c-suiteradio.com loves this clothing line!
Learn how the company started, why it moved to Idaho and how Scott and his team continually meet business challengers.
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