“Reinventing The Way The World Does Business” David Silverman, McChrystal Group 3-22-14


David SilvermanWe are focused on leadership for this edition of the Business Builders Show.

Our guest David Silverman is the co-founder and CEO of McChrystal Group.  David is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy.  He served in the United States Navy as a SEAL Officer for 13 years and David is an experienced and combat decorated veteran with six operational deployments worldwide. It is an understatement when I tell you how honored I am David took the time to talk to us about “reinventing the way the world does business.” Connect with David and his team at www.crosslead.com.

Also, we will share leadership lessons from an interview Anne Sweeney of Disney / ABC Television did with Success Magazine. You might be surprised with her insights on how she leads a very large organization.

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