Big Data – One Person At A Time. “Klout Matters” by Terry Brock – 11-30-2013

Terry Brock HeadshotGina Carr and our special guest for this week’s Business Builders Show, Terry Brock have written a great book, “KLOUT Matters – How to Engage Customers, Boost Your Digital Influence – and Raise Your KLOUT Score for Success”. What the heck is KLOUT?  Check out Terry’s website before the show so you can be even more prepared to get great content from Terry – go to

Here’s what one of the top digital thinkers and practioners in the digital world had to say about this book : “I’m one of the biggest Klout skeptics out there, but Carr and Brock have given me some thoughts in this book that might have me at least  take a second look. This isn’t to be overlooked.” (Chris’s Klout score is a LOT higher than mine!)

Do we REALLY have influence on our followers / tribes / communities? I now know I have to do a better job because someone is keeping score!  Jeez, why do I bring on these great guests to embarass myself?

As always we want to be a trusted source of information to help you build your business and career. We do all we can to bring the classroom to you. And I promise Professor Brock delivers!  We will also be talking about The 80/20 Rule of Time Management by Perry Marshall and some comments I have about WHAT ALWAYS MATTERS.


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