Tom Hopkins – Guest October 19, 2013

Tom HopkinsTom Hopkins is one of the most highly acclaimed authorities on the subject of PROFESSIONAL selling in the world today. With so many sources of information coming at us daily, we need a credible source of information to help us build our sales and our business.  Tom Hopkins is a VERY credible source and we are honored to have him on the show.

Our guest last week Joanne Black and Tom Hopkins expressed concern that we may be relying on technology too much in efforts to bring in new business and to keep the business we have already earned.  Well, maybe. Here’s what I do know, we need to use available technology extensively, however in most businesses we can’t forget that the human touch is still vitally important. So, in addition to Tom’s insightful comments, we will also talk how to become a social media rock star and how we can find our BEST customers.

Tom Hopkins can be reached by contacting Judy Slack at or 800-528-0446.

We want to be a TRUSTED Source for business information by bringing the classroom to you.  Please don’t miss this opportunity to improve your business and your SALES!.


Comment by Frantz on October 26, 2013

This show builds on a strong foundation of solid true methods in which to navigate this new social media world. Just one show and you will resuscitate your business and your soul.

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