“When I have a critical business challenge, Marty is on my top three “must call” list as he is always brutally honest and he has the real world leadership experience to provide authentic feedback.” Lt. Col. Rob Waldo Waldman – Professional Speaker and Best-Selling Author

There is a difference between consulting and business coaching. A consultant tells you what to change and often lays out the plan to implement those changes. A business coach helps leaders of an organization arrive at the changes that are required through a process of discovery. The client finds the solution instead of a consultant imposing a solution on the management team and the company.

Marty Wolff implements the discovery process by offering ideas, tools and leading thinking so as to allow the leadership team to arrive at the right fit for their culture, and organization as it exists today or as they see it in the future. Coaching also promotes an environment of agility. In today’s fast changing business world, plans are often irrelevant before they can be fully implemented. Marty helps the leaders of the organization see the competitive landscape as it really is, then helps the team create a flexible, agile approach to attain the success they want to achieve.