Women In Business – Featuring Kathy Caprino

Kathy-Caprino-head-high-rezThis show is totally focused on women in business.  We pass on what we learned from Kathy Caprino; www.kathycaprino.com


Please share this with the women you know who are in the business world.  I’m confident they will get a lot of benefit from the articles Kathy wrote and her interview.


If you are a man, don’t miss this show if you want to be a better leader.


If you share this with all your friends we will reach thousands of people and we will be making a difference in our personal and professional lives. Also please check out and then share Kathy’s website www.kathycaprino.com

Business Builders Show is all about informing, educating and encouraging entrepreneurs and small business owners.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to attend what would be a great business class at any university in the country.

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